Smoked rainbow trout



Located in the heart of Normandy, the fish farming of Saint-Saëns is built around an abbey whose origins date back to the seventeenth century.


Rainbow trout are slaughtered, gutted and deboned on the spot. They are salted manually with the Guérande salt, and then rinsed and peppered with mixed 5 berries (poivre 5 baies). Then put in the oven, they are smoked with sawdust beech (bois de hêtre). Trout are immediately cooled after output of oven, process into fillets by hand, vacuum-packed, what gives to them a better conservation.

Quality rainbow trout with an authentic taste

Combining tradition and innovation, this is the challenge we face to bring you a quality product with an authentic taste.




1. Freshly slaughtered rainbow trout



2. Trout that’s hand-salted with the ‘Guérande salt


3. Rinse the trout (inside and out)



4. Peppered trout with mixing 5 berries (black pepper, white pepper, allspice, pink pepper, green pepper)


5. Placed in an oven and smoked with sawdust beech



6. Placed in the refrigeration room




7. Fillets are carefully trimmed by hand



8. Then vacuum packed to ensure all of the freshness and flavour is locked in.



9. Product identification labels